Diamond Recutting with Superior Techniques

Would You Like to Recut Your Diamond?

Do you have a diamond lying dormant in a drawer? Why not have it recut and refashioned?

“I want to recut (re-polish) a diamond that was a keepsake from my grandmother, to give it new brilliance and truly make it my own!” “I wonder how valuable this diamond is.” “I wish I could have my old jewelry remade into a new design.” Eiwa Boueki Co., Ltd., a venerable firm in the diamond industry, is able to respond to these kinds of questions and concerns from customers. We accept not only diamonds, but other precious gems as well for recutting and refashioning. Some diamonds will increase in value with recutting, while other diamonds may not be suitable for recutting, so please contact us first to discuss your requirements. Quotations and consultations are free of charge.


Customer A
I wanted to know the value of a keepsake diamond that was given to me by my grandmother, so I consulted with Eiwa Boueki. They give me a full appraisal of the diamond and also did a recutting simulation. As a result, I asked them to recut the diamond, and they upgraded its brilliance from EX (Excellent) grade to 3EX (Triple Excellent).
I’m sure that my grandmother up in heaven would also be happy with the diamond and its new and improved brilliance.

Customer B
I had my solitaire diamond ring, which I had received as a present when I was young, reset into a new design by Eiwa Boueki. The first step was to have the diamond recut to raise its grade to 3EX (Triple Excellent). Then, my diamond was combined with new diamonds from Eiwa Boueki and reset into a ring with a new design. I am really happy with my greatly transformed ring, which I was able to have done at a much more reasonable cost than buying a new one. I wear the ring to parties and other special occasions, and it is getting a lot of wear.