Diamond Recutting with Superior Techniques

Proof of the Trust Placed in Us by Many Jewelers

In the diamond industry, Eiwa Boueki has firmly established its brand as a recutter of diamonds. We are the first to bring into Japan the latest in recutting machines from Israel, and our highly-skilled craftspeople recut diamonds with techniques backed by many years of experience. Those skills have won the trust of many jewelers, and the word in the industry is that, if a diamond recut is entrusted to Eiwa, the diamond’s value will increase by at least one rank if not two.

Diamond cutting is usually performed with the aim of achieving the top grade of 3EX Triple Excellent, which attracts premiums worldwide. However, despite the work being performed by highly skilled and experienced technicians, other companies are only able to achieve grades of EX (Excellent) and H&C for almost half of their diamonds. Here at Eiwa Boueki, taking advantage of our high level of technical expertise, we have achieved a grade of 3EX for almost 100% of our recut diamonds. With our certain track record, we now rank many top-class jewelers from Japan and around the world as our customers.

Aiming for 3EX Triple Excellent Grade for 100% of Our Diamonds

1. Scanning

The customer’s diamond is scanned and the cutting steps worked out by computer. Where other companies use only five steps, we divide the process into 16 steps and simulate the recut.

2. Rounding the diamond

The customer’s diamond is set onto a platform, and using a grindstone containing diamond powder, the uneven surfaces are ground away and the entire diamond is made round to the desired diameter.

3. Polished to 3EX standard

Our highly-skilled craftspeople undertake the final polishing with meticulous care and precision, constantly checking visually, to achieve triple excellent quality. In this step as well, a grindstone impregnated with diamond powder is used to polish the diamond.

4. Final inspection

A special microscope is used to check if the diamond has brilliance worthy of a triple excellent grade. The diamond is also checked for clarity and inclusions at the same time.