Company Information

The history of Eiwa Boueki Co., Ltd. began in the late Meiji period as a privately-run trading store. Then, in the 1970s, the company started the importation and wholesale business of precious gems, with a focus on diamonds.
We are also engaged in the diamond polishing (recutting) business. We leverage our high degree of technical expertise, including being one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the latest cutting equipment from Israel, which has enabled us to achieve a 3EX grade in almost 100% of the diamonds we recut.
Our track record has attracted the patronage of many customers both in Japan and from overseas.

Company name

Eiwa Boueki Co., Ltd.


Importation and wholesale of diamonds / Diamond cutting / Jewelry production


(Main office) ET Building, 5-3-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
5 minutes walk from JR Okachimachi Station
* Branch companies in Thailand and Hong Kong


August 1977


Tomoyuki Tanokami, Representative Director and President

Number of employees

51 (10 in Japan)


40 million yen


1 billion yen (2014 actual)

Main business partners

TASAKI & Co., Ltd., K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd., F.D.C. PRODUCTS INC., Primo Japan Inc.,
Nagahori Corporation, MID